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When you call us, we answer. 

When you hire us, you get ‘us’.

We work with you as trusted partners (not just service providers) until the job is done.


You can trust in our professionalism to show up and get it right the first time.

Every project we accept is tailored to that client and their unique situation.

No copy and paste plans here.

Where We Come From and What We Bring to the Table


We’ve been around the block a few times, so what we have to offer is earned wisdom and practiced expertise. We bring context and perspective that’s come from living and working in a multitude of scenarios, sectors, and industries. Across Canada and beyond.


There’s no big brand to hide behind here. Compass is our business brand and our personal reputation. And we’re never willing to put that at risk. We’re excited to do great work for our clients because that leads to more great work and long-term relationships.

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We choose to partner with clients who are committed to providing value. And if what we do helps you be successful, then we’re living up to our own core value of service.


To us, that’s where the magic is!

“Our work with Ian and Compass in both strategic and operational planning has been such a positive experience for Children’s Centre Thunder Bay. Ian guided our organization through a review of our mission and values, the creation of a new strategic plan, and the development of our senior leadership priorities.


His ability to focus simultaneously on the mission- or the why, while maintaining a close eye on tactics- the how, is exemplary. And his engaging service-based style and wisdom together with his ability to produce a useful product are what make him an extraordinary partner in the work we do. We highly recommend Ian as an organizational teacher, facilitator, and guide.”

Diane Walker, CEO Children’s Centre Thunder Bay