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Ian McCormack

Compass was born in 2013 when the 100 flight-a-year corporate work I’d been doing had become more grind than fun. It was time to be closer to home serving and supporting the work of businesses and organizations that make a difference for the communities and people of this region. It was also time to choose the work I wanted to do, with the clients I wanted to work with.

Having several careers under my belt has been both a challenge and a blessing. Although each shift came with uncertainty at the time, it also opened up opportunities to learn and apply previous skills in new ways. I love understanding who people are, how they think, and what they bring to work. And my years of operational and strategic business leadership experience give me a wealth of expertise to draw on when we’re problem-solving.

My time at Compass is focused on helping clients in leadership positions, whether operationally or in governance roles, become more effective in meeting the challenges this demanding world presents to them. We concentrate on finding clarity of purpose and alignment in their decision-making, as well as helping them build personal and team capacity. And both Marla and I are happy to roll up our sleeves and add some additional senior capacity whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Fun fact: I’m a lifelong aviation enthusiast! ✈️

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