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Marla Morrison

Joining Compass as a co-owner in 2016 brought me back to my entrepreneurial roots after spending two decades in the corporate world working for provincial, national, and global organizations. Ian and I worked together in a previous life, so we knew our skillsets and styles complemented one another, as well as the fact we have similar values and perspectives on business and life.

The majority of my time with Compass clients has been focused on strategic communications and management coaching, in addition to supporting the strategic planning work Ian does. I firmly believe that a business or organization’s success is a direct result of how well they communicate, in particular at the senior and mid-management levels. Strong effective communication is one of the foundational pieces of how healthy an organization is, whether in times of change, or just day-to-day operations.

Whether I’m working with a team or one-on-one, we begin by understanding what’s working well and what isn’t. That helps inform where we decide to focus our efforts- improving the weaknesses or emphasizing the strengths. Often, it’s a balance of both. And when I’m not focused on this work, I’m following my natural curiosity and creativity researching and creating content.


Fun fact: I have a degree in Theatrical Design!🎭

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