About Marla

I have had the privilege of leading and managing teams in a wide range of communications, project and operational management environments over my thirty-year career. This experience has given me a strong appreciation of how important it is to cultivate strong relationships. It has been those stakeholder management skills that have contributed to my success, within even the most complex team environments. A broad range of industry experience has given me confidence and ease working with all levels of client environments; from senior executive, to operations, to community.


Like Ian, I too believe strongly in ‘servant leadership’ and am committed to supporting all those with whom I work. Raised in a family whose values revolved around service, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to empower people to be their best and in turn, how that strengthens organizations and communities.

My focus of practice includes advisement, strategic planning and implementation within project environments. I am passionate about helping my clients move ahead by making their plans come to life.


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