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Ta Da! It’s Finally Done! 🎉

We’re thrilled to say that our website refresh and new visual identity are finally finished! And you better believe there’ll be a party to celebrate the hard work that’s gone into these projects, as soon as parties are allowed again. 🙄 But until then, we’d like to thank everyone who’s provided feedback and input along the way. It was all carefully considered and much appreciated.

Obviously, we’re excited, but you might be wondering why we’ve decided to share this with you now? Some of you have worked with us for years already, but there are others on this list who we haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet. Either way, we thought you might be interested in why we decided to take the approach we did and the thinking behind what you’ll see on the site and in our communications.

We hope this will help you get to know us better, and how and why we work the way we do.

What You See

You might notice as soon as you hit the homepage, that Compass doesn’t have your typical consulting look and feel. That’s because we aren’t your typical consultancy. We lived in the corporate world for a long time, and we have those experiences to draw on whenever we need to. But what we discovered was that it didn’t fit who we are.

So, what you see is us. Instead of the typical stock shots of random people in boardrooms dressed in grey and blue suits, you’ll see gorgeous photography (all Ian’s shots by the way) that reflect our love of the land around us, its truth, and its beauty. The colours and images you see in our new logo and materials have all been consciously chosen to be symbolic of nature, direction, quality, and clarity. Things that are important to us and the way we choose to work.

What You Hear

There are few things that irritate us more than jargon. So, you’ll find that what you read and hear when you work with us is straightforward relatable language. We get to the point. You can expect well-informed guidance, well-researched opinions, and thoughtful solutions, but without hundred-page documents of generic filler. What we give you applies to you and your situation. Period.

Who We Are

A lot of 'About' pages are more like CVs, full of certifications and name drops. We decided against this approach because it’s not authentic to who we are. What our About page tells you is how we work, and what you can expect if we partner together. In our minds, it’s far more important to understand if we’ll be a fit than it is to read about how many degrees and certificates we have. Rest assured we have the experience and skill you need to get the job done. Our references will be happy to share that with you.

But our goal is to continue to develop long-term trusted partnerships with our clients and be available whenever they need a solution that’s in our wheelhouse.

What We Do

You’ll see that we’ve divided the services we offer into six categories. And we’ve tried to connect the dots by offering examples of the types of situations that we can help with. The truth is the categories overlap and though we often begin a client relationship with one specific offering, the partnership usually evolves into other service areas. The point is we love the work we do, and we exist to help our clients be successful and their communities thrive.

We can work in a purely consultative guidance role or by your side in a management role, providing a hands-on credible option to the traditional consulting firm. And we help you find and implement solutions to your specific challenges.

We hope the website helps you understand that at our core, we’re committed, trustworthy authentic professionals who take our work seriously, but not ourselves. 😊

And if we’re fortunate enough to leave a legacy we hope it includes

Leaving the organizations and people we work with a bit better than we found them,

Sharing our knowledge and experience and building capacity,

Strengthening our communities, and

Finding like-minded, talented people along the way to continue this work after we’re gone.

But until then, we look forward to getting to know you and helping wherever we can.


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