About Marla

I have had the privilege of leading and managing teams in a wide range of communications, project and operational management environments over my twenty-five-year career. This experience has given me an extensive perspective and helped me understand how important it is to cultivate strong client relationships. It has been those strong stakeholder management skills that have contributed to my success, within even the most complex team environments. A broad range of industry experience has given me confidence and ease working with all levels of client environments; from senior executive, to operations, to community.

My work includes strategic and tactical planning, communications and design, coaching, organizational change management, research and facilitation. My diverse leadership experience enables me to bring significant value to my clients. I can help them make a shift in organizational direction or move forward in their professional lives and careers, whether part of a large established corporation, a community not-for-profit, a small start-up or a seasoned leader.


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