About Ian

My practice includes Executive and Leadership Coaching, Strategy and Facilitation, Problem-Solving and Government Affairs. A Registered Professional Forester and Certified Executive Coach, I’ve had the pleasure of over thirty-eight years of operational and strategic business leadership experience, as well being able to hone government and partnership development capabilities along the way. Following my career in Forestry, I was a co-owner and senior leader of a global engineering firm focused on the development and execution of business strategies in the Forest Products, Oil & Gas/Industrial and Mining and Minerals sectors.

I believe strongly in the tenants of ‘servant leadership’ and am committed to showing up and supporting the development and success of those around me. I am keenly interested in who people are, how they think and what they bring to work. As a thinking partner, I can bring clarity of purpose and aligned results to my clients’ business and professional lives. 

My focus of practice is working with senior executives, operational and community leaders and helping them meet the demanding challenges of their work environments. I am impassioned about working with individuals and teams to maximize their effectiveness as leaders; focusing on alignment and decision-making. As a former senior executive, I understand the complex issues facing today’s leaders.

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