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Business Transition Planning

Helping You Decide What’s Next for Your Business.

Business transition and leadership succession planning are some of the most critical tasks that any organization will face. These activities are key to ongoing success and a fundamental obligation of leaders. Transition planning is garnering more and more attention across the country, as the current ownership cohort ages and plans their retirement or next phase in life.

The legal, financial and tax planning for these owners and ownership groups can be relatively straightforward to prepare for, but the human side of the new equation is often more complex. Compass Leadership works with the people piece of the business and what they want their personal and professional plans to look like ‘after the sale’. Helping our clients explore their reason for getting up in the morning and what a life lived with purpose could look like, can make a huge difference in the successful transition of their business.

Business Transition Planning: About
What Our Clients Have To Say

“Ian has been helpful in facilitating succession planning and strategic thinking at KBM Resources Group. His experience in natural resources development projects across several sectors and community service provides our leadership team with important lessons for navigating changing environments.”

Laird Van Damme, R.P.F.
Senior Partner
KBM Resources Group

Thunder Bay

Business Transition Planning: Testimonials
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