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Strategy and Implementation

Translating Strategy into Action

Developing your organization’s strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require preparation and hard work.  At Compass Leadership, we bring an outside perspective that can help you demystify the process, understand why strategy matters and what strategic behavior looks like. Successful strategy should be straightforward, motivational to your team and achievable.

However, great strategy without focused, aligned and disciplined execution, is just a plan. Leadership teams understand the ‘why’ and ‘what will be better because of the strategy’, but sometimes struggle in helping their managers make the plan actionable and in holding them accountable for that work. Our decades of experience in operations will help. If a plan is to deliver value, it needs to be implemented. We will work together to help you achieve both.

Strategy and Advisement: About

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We engaged Ian McCormack and Compass Leadership to facilitate an alignment session for our team. Ian was very effective at getting key issues on the table and bringing the group to a consensus on a path forward for each challenge or opportunity. He kept the session focused and efficient, while still allowing adequate time to engage and debate each issue. I would highly recommend the services of Compass Leadership.”

Dave Kelly, Project Director

DMC Mining Services

Saskatoon, SK 


“Ian has been helpful in facilitating succession planning and strategic thinking at KBM Resources Group. His experience in natural resources development projects across several sectors and community service provides our leadership team with important lessons for navigating changing environments.”

Laird Van Damme, R.P.F.
Senior Partner

Thunder Bay, ON

Strategy and Advisement: Testimonials
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