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Executive and Senior Advisement

Our time together is about moving forward, solving dilemmas and improving individual and organizational performance.

Compass Leadership provides executive and senior advisement to those who are, or aspire to be, in leadership positions (for-profit or not-for-profit), as well management teams and other organizational groups. Our clients set the agenda and we ensure they make progress towards their objectives.

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How We Work

Ian brings authenticity, sound judgment and experience to each conversation. His background includes experiential learning from the industrial settings of logging, road construction, sawmilling and pulp and paper, giving him a unique ‘mud-on-your boots’ perspective. As a former co-owner of a global engineering firm, his corporate leadership and government affairs work, as well as his leadership in the not-for-profit and public sectors, make Ian a great fit for a wide range of clients.

Marla’s advisement and guidance focuses on the project environment, from grass-roots community initiatives to multi-million-dollar organizational restructuring and technology implementations. Her experience with complex and often competing stakeholder groups has taught her the best solution is to keep things simple and get back to the basics. Building relationships and trust with her clients is paramount, and in turn, her guidance assists them in doing the same with their teams and their stakeholders.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching: Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

“For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Ian McCormack.  His gentle servant leadership style has both challenged and supported me as I grew into my role as a CEO.  The truth is even though I have over 26 years as a manager in Children’s Services, I believe that his role in my life as both a coach and mentor continues to add value to my practice and my organization’s success.”

Diane Walker, CEO
Children’s Centre
Thunder Bay, ON


“Marla very effectively filled in a sudden gap in our project team, providing a range of communication services over several months on a community-based trail planning project in central Saskatchewan. Her positive attitude and prompt acceptance of the project parameters was obvious to our clients and came to the fore during presentations and one-on-one fact finding with them. Her efforts paved the way to a successful involvement with the client and the community.”

David Powell - Senior Landscape Architect,

Alex Man - Trail Designer & Geological Engineer

Scatliff+ Miller+ Murray - Regina SK and Winnipeg MB


"I highly recommend Ian McCormack as a consultant, strategist or advisor. Don't let his humility fool you. He's brilliant, experienced and thankfully for me, patient.”

Rob Barrett, Executive Director
YES Employment Services
Thunder Bay, ON

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